About April

April Sutton is an award-winning Television Broadcast Pioneer in Hollywood. She made history becoming the youngest Inductee in the Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1993 for her outstanding television reports on Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.) Network.

More than 40 million TV viewers have watched her entertainment reports covering the Oscar Awards, Grammy Music Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, American Music Awards, Hollywood Movie Premieres, and Red-Carpet gala events.

The Ohio native became the first hired Hollywood on-air talent for B.E.T., as the “Face of Hollywood” for 10 years, which sealed her name as part of BET’s early history.

Her list of celebrity interviews includes: Oscar winners Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, and top artists Jim Carey, Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, Sean Connery, Chris Rock, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Williams, P. Diddy, Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson just to name a few.

Her status as a Hollywood Socialite and popular TV Host soon opened new career opportunities. In 1996 she became a contributing West Coast Television Correspondent for the Geraldo Show (CBS), covering the O.J. Simpson case, the Princess Diana story, the Ennis Cosby story, the Tupac Shakur story, Hollywood movie premieres and Red-carpet gala events.

Ms. Sutton has received many honors for her television work in Hollywood as the Producer and Host of the “April in Hollywood” Show, which has aired on the Time Warner Cable Television Channel. Additionally, the City of Los Angeles presented special proclamations to her, along with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, City of Compton, City of Lynwood, and top recognitions from many civic and community organizations.

In addition to her many achievements, Ms. Sutton is a committed advocate of Tanzania. She has sent countless numbers of boxes of brand new tennis shoes to children in Tanzania, and has worked tirelessly, developing projects which bridges the gap between top celebrities and Tanzania.

Last year, she produced a video titled: “Hollywood to Tanzania” featuring celebrities giving greetings to the people of Tanzania. Her cultural and artistic campaigns have also successfully attracted entertainers who have written messages to the citizens of Tanzania, which was given to the country for a special museum exhibit. This year, her work continues as the Founder of the Diversi-Tea Celebration. The evening gala recognizes Union Day in Hollywood.

She has observed the United Nations General Assembly, where World Leaders including Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers, and Foreign Ministers speak in front of an international audience about global issues. Her attendance at international summits, and leadership forums, keeps her current on topics discussed by participating Diplomats.

Ms. Sutton lights up when she talks about the road that has brought her to this plateau. Her unwavering focus on inter-cultural affairs and her extensive association with world renown celebrities seems to be a tailored made match for the next phase.

She will always be known as the first hired Hollywood based Television Personality on the first Black Television Network in American history, but she remains clear on the importance of her global efforts.

She states, “I am certainly linked to B.E.T. and the public never hesitates to remind me that I had a major role as the first “Face of Hollywood” for the network, but my television career also gave me a broad range of international interests.” She adds, “I felt compelled to develop artistic, cultural, and media initiatives for Africa, which have been successful because of the willingness of celebrities and community supporters, who like myself, see the importance of connecting with global citizens.”

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Ms. Sutton holds a Masters Degree in Television Communications from Kent State University, and a B.A. Degree in Speech Communications.