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Ms. April Sutton has been an Advocate for Tanzania, diagnosis promoting the country and making Hollywood celebrities aware of the East African nation. Her interest in the country began 4 years ago, pills when she began shipping boxes of brand new tennis shoes for children and teens to the country. As a 12 year Hollywood-base Television Personality, ambulance she acquired close ties with top entertainers, and wanted to expand awareness by seeking support from top celebrities, to write messages to the citizens of Tanzania.


After attaining 20 celebrity autograph messages, Ms. Sutton met with the President of Tanzania and presented them as a humanitarian gesture to establish a connection between Hollywood and Tanzania. In this initiative, Ms. Sutton created the Hollywood 4 Tanzania Project. Through her vision, she has established a unique vehicle which has become an important social link, bridging a far east-far west sector of people together.


For the first time in the history of a African country, Tanzania will singly be the country in the African continent, exhibiting a wide variety of celebrity signatures for the citizens of the country and foreign tourists. A momentous action and symbolic debut for an African nation, thanks to Ms. Sutton who obtained all 20 celebrity signatures for Tanzania.


Her most recent meeting with the President of Tanzania was held May 20, 2009 where she presented handwritten autograph messages from: Oscar Winner, Actor Jamie Foxx

Oscar Winner Louis Gossett Jr.

Multi-Grammy Award-wining Producer, Composer, Musician Quincy Jones

Gold Medalist-NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers Star Kobe Bryant