Diplomats Diversi-Tea Gala

Ms. April Sutton is the Founder of the Diplomats Diversi-Tea Gala.  This annual event celebrates Union Day, ed a special holiday which is also observed in Tanzania, and Africa.
The event was created to establish a social platform to honor 3 International Luminaries, and salute their countries culture, history, language, customs, national identity, and marquee landmarks.
The inaugural gala sealed the foundation for a sophisticated social affair, featuring well traveled, well educated, multi-lingual, individuals, who left their birthplace, in an effort to fulfill a life mission in public service.
Today the Diplomats Diversi-Tea Gala has expanded, honoring Ambassadors, and Consul Generals who have carved a path in the international community.  They inspire us, educate us, and share with us their journey.  They gracefully show us the foreign land they call home.
The event salutes global diversity, and individuals who have made a mark in foreign service, making an impact in international affairs, and elevating the level of community career achievements among their peers.
Past Honorees include Ambassadors and Consul Generals from the following countries: Kenya, Croatia, Belize, Costa Rica, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Malaysia, India, and South Africa.
A short video of each country is featured, allowing invited guests to explore global geographic regions, and hear eloquent speeches given by the Honorees.
The gala has become more than a meet and greet since its inception in 2009, it is an evening of diversi-Tea.  Guests enjoy a wide selection of connoisseur gourmet teas.  Teas from international countries of Japan, China, Kenya, London, India, South Africa, Brazil, and Tanzania are complimented by an open buffet.
Ms Sutton is an avid patron of the arts, and presents Masterpiece prints to each Honoree  The art selected each year represents some of the best works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Monet and Salvador Dali.  Each Honoree receives a Masterpiece print framed in gold during the award ceremony.
According to Ms. Sutton, “The Diplomats Diversi-Tea Gala has become a night of unity, tribute, understanding, and reflection.”  She adds, ” By the end of the evening we have discovered 3 beautiful countries, met 3 extraordinary individuals, we underscore the grand scale of this planet, are reminded of the unlimited territories we have not explored, yet, we walk away understanding we are all inter-connected regardless of ones race, creed, or color.”
The Diplomats Diversi-Tea Gala ends with Honorees participating in a “Unity Cake-Cutting” ceremony.
This is an Invitation-Only event.